Dentists for Africa Thank you for your support

Our goal is it to offer qualified dental care by establishing dental practices and conducting oral health services for those of Africa`s population without any financial means. We support the education and advanced training of native oral health students, oral health officers, dental technicians and medical engineers by material and personal assistance. We also organize dental education, screenings and treatments of school children. Therefore we employ dental staff from Africa and Europe.

Starting in 1999 we could establish eleven dental practices until today. The practices are managed by Kenyan dentists who are supported by German dental practitioners. 

A second emphasis is the mediation of transparent and individual godparentships for Kenyan orphans. Donations enable the children to go to school, acquire professional qualification and have a good future in their own country. 

Our third mainstay is the development and the operation of a self-help group for widows in Nyabondo in western Kenya. The women who are affected by HIV organize themselves, operate in self-help projects and cope with their everyday life as outsiders in a society which is mostly dominated by men.

Together with our Franciscan project partners in Kenya we were able to establish reliable structures which provide a basis on which our projects now develop with an increasing impact. Sustainability is always our work`s main focus. We were already able transfer responsibility over certain dental units into the hands of a competent Kenyan staff.

Latest Developments

we sadly have to inform you that from now on our volunteering dentists will not be able to work in Kenya anymore. Exempted are those planning a long-term voluntary service and receive a license from the responsible authorities.

Until now neither we or our project partners have succeeded in acquiring a legal status in Kenya. From now on, voluntary services in dentistry will only be possible in connection with advisory activities or in the context of seminars for further training.

Dental treatments by our volunteers are not accepted any longer by the Kenian Government. We will investigate if there are any legally compulsory regulations available for the future. Our project partners in Kenya are informed about the stop of our dental voluntary services.

Under all circumstances do we respect the decision of the Kenyan government agencies. This commitment will transfer more responsiblities to our project partners in Kenya. With Sr. Fabian and Sr. Sunya we have two local dentists while Nicholas, Alex and Careen from our sponsorship programme have already started their work as Oral Health Officer. Francis and Japhet will follow them this year.

All changes always carry opportunities as well and these are going to be discussed and judged in cooperation with the administrators of the concering hospitals and project partners.

How can you help?

  • As a Dentist, Dental Assistant/Hygienist or Dental Technician: by taking part in assistance services
  • As a person without a medical profession: by taking part in an assistance service in our orphans and widows project or by a god parent for a child
  • Through donations
  • Through joining Dentists for Africa as member and/ or by taking over responsibility for subprojects


Dentists for Africa is working as a non-profit organization and is solely financed by donations and membership fees. The majority of the activities are contributed voluntarily. As a result we are able to realize a low share of administrative costs.

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