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Prevention Program and Oral Health Education


Relieving people from their pain, eliminating sources of infections and repairing damages is the primary task of medical staff, especially in developing countries like Kenya. It is our aim to enable the people of Kenya to be aware of the value of their health as well as their ability to maintain it.

The goals of our prevention program are: 

  • to educate about the cause of diseases
  • to school on the avoidance of infections
  • to communicate knowledge and the abilitity to heal diseases or at least limit the damage 

From our experience, the people in Kenya are very open to these arguments because often diseases are associated with pain, significant interference of everyday life and a tremendous financial burden. This is why it is important to develop a simple but effective prevention program and to create understanding of its use.


This can happen on an individual level at our dental units or during mobile treatments. At the group level (especially at schools) it is important to give age related instructions on nutrition as well as the demonstration of brushing techniques. What follows is an examination of the children`s teeth. Those in need of treatment are either invited to the nearest dental unit or treated instantly at school. The costs for the treatment of school children are covered by Dentists for Africa because hardly anyone in Kenya is able to spend money on dental treatment. Every aspect of the process is well documented in order to ensure its quality.

All children receive tooth brushes and tooth paste as a gift from Dentists for Africa. Both is bought by our project partners in charge in Kenya. For the surrounding schools in Nyabondo but also in Nakuru, Kasarani and Kisumu this prevention program is supposed to take place twice a year. In Nyabondo we managed to expand our target group to the parents of the school children. This gives us the opportunity to teach oral health for whole families.

Our priority objective is to find native teachers and reliable project partners supporting the prevention program. Expanding the number of treated children and giving the chance to benefit from our program to the whole community is our challenge for the upcoming years.

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